ADP Barbiere


The elegance of shaving with Acqua Di Parma.

Every man has to shave from time to time. Many of us has to shave everyday and others maybe just one to three times a week. I have to say I belong to those who has to shave one or two times a week. I don’t grow a lot of facial hair which I am lucky for working as a model. Anyhow I also I have to make sure that once I shave I give my skin the best treatment possible.



These are the products that I have been using for my shaving routine.

Pumice face scrub

A non-foaming emulsion formula. The microgranules of pumice stone removes dead cells, while the combination of high-quality plant oils removes impurities. This is a scrub that effectively leaves the skin fresh, with a strong feeling of comfort.

Soft shaving cream

This cream has a soft rich texture. The formula combines pomegranate seed oil, lemon oil, extract of basil and hyaluronic acid to protect the skin from irritation and reddening. It’s a combination that provides an effective refreshed hydration.

Refreshing after shave emulsion

This smooth and well absorbed emulsion, hydrates and refreshes the skin after shaving. The ingredient hyaluronic acid restores the skin‘s natural defenses. This formula is enriched with protective and soothing plant oils. Leaves a matte finish.


Made with Italian craftsmanship, combined by ergonomics and design. The weight distribution at the base of the handle allows a stable grip, and the precision of the articulated head, which follows the outline of the face, ensures a perfect shave. 

NOTE: FUSION PROGLIDE® and GILLETTE® are registered trademarks of the GILLETTE COMPANY. ACQUA DI PARMA and BARBIERE are not registered trademarks of the GILLETTE COMPANY, but belong to different companies which have no relationship of any kind with the GILLETTE COMPANY.


I always start my shaving routine with a face scrub to refresh and clean up my face.
Don’t scrub too hard though as you’re about to shave, so just do smooth movements. After the scrub massage I will wash and dry my face with a fresh towel.
Now it’s time for the shaving cream. The one I am using here has a non foaming formula, but when you add some water to it you will make it look white and smooth. The Razor handle is from Acqua Di Parma paired up with Gillette razors. I have to say the handle is so comfortable to shave with, you can be precise and get the perfect result.


To Finnish up my shaving I will add  the refreshing after shave emulsion, this product will help you to remove  all the redness and irritations that might come with the shaving. It will leave the skin with a calm feeling. Last but not least I will add me daily face and eye cream.


This is my short but effective shaving routine to keep my look sharp.

Love Simon Nygard

All the products are available here:

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