out of space


_ out of space _

January has been such a rough month for me and Ilenia!
We moved to our new apartment, fashion week was on the schedule, school exams for Ilenia, castings, jobs and many collaboration for us to start and to finish for our blogs & Instagram. Busy 2018 we are ready for you!
It’s always very stressful to have more on your plate then what you’re able to chew, but is it always a bad thing?! In fact in these kind of situations we can develop our skills and learn how to master our work during stressful times! Everybody wants to have enough time for their tasks, but sometimes it’s not possible, and we have to deliver something fast just with that feeling you have at that moment!
I have to say that very often the result comes out even better than when you have more time on your hands, then it’s very easy to overthink and you might start to concentrate on details that aren’t even essential.
So I am telling you all, try to take advantage of these stressful situations in your life, to fail, to learn ,to grow and learn how to manage these situations better for the future!

Wish you all a lovely weekend!
Love Simon N

photography: Ilenia Toma

jacket: lad Musician
jeans: dr. denim
shoes: givenchy
bag: lad musician
beanie: rick owens
gloves: john galliano
skii goggles: MCM

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