Discovering Milan


_ Discovering Milan_

Milan is not a new city to me, but the changes that has been made to Milan
are new to everyone!! Everybody are talking about the time after the Expo.
Yes the time after the EXPO ❤
That’s when Milan got it’s facelift and became a more modern and international city!
Everyday there is something going on here, so many new places to discover and endless of locations where to shoot your next looks!
Me and Ilenia are taking advantage of every free hour we got to make something out of it, to discover a bit more of our new home city, Milan ❤

I can still remember my first impression of Milan when I came here for the first time as a model. I have to honestly say, I hated it. Running around the long streets near Porta Genova etc. going from 1 casting to another,.. trying to figure out how to move around the city using metro, bus and tram. The subway system was only 3 lines back then so it was nearly impossible to move around the city smoothly. Everything just felt like a hussle, nothing came easy and the condition of the city was just bad.
At this time I lived in Paris so I was used to their smooth subway system, so I thought it would be pretty similar to move around in Milan. That’s where I was totally wrong.
I had never been walking so much even though I tried to use all the transportations Milan has to offer.
My legs, my feet were dead, and I said to myself: 1st time and last time, grazie!

By now we are getting better to move around here combining subway, metro and the bus. So things are feeling less stressed and annoying! Anyhow, I do miss the Parisian subway system very much ❤

Milan has changed A LOT, and I cant believe I am saying this:
I Love you Milan!
Maybe not as much as Paris,. but hey we are only here since 2motnhs so let’s see what my opinion will be in 1, 2 or 3 years!

This shooting we did while discovering the Fondazione Prada!

coat: ysl
hoodie: h&m
jeans: sandro
sunglasses: goldfinch
shoes: customised converse

photography: Ilenia Toma


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