blue blue truth


_ blue blue truth _

When black denim is all you’ve been wearing for years it might feel a bit uncomfortable and wrong to see yourself  in blue denim.
Well it’s easier if you go full look  😀 haha, then you can’t compare it with something black.
I am a big fan of black looks, and I can honestly say 99% of all my purchases are black if I turn back the time a year or so,.. But once me and Ilenia started to do more shootings on our own, I realised black will always kind of look the same in the pictures,.. of course you can be creative with shapes and different textures, but at the end of the day it’s black.
So I decided to give it a shot to put some more color into my life!
Now when I scroll down my feed on Instagram,. and reflect about my personal style, I will definitely never stop wearing black, and maybe you will see more of it from now on!
Let’s see what the future will bring ❤

This shooting we did in Berlin, hope you guys enjoy the blue denim though!
Love Simon Nygard

jacket: zara
tee: sandro
jeans: off white
shoes: maison margiela
sunglasses: acne studios
jewelry: simonn

photography: Ilenia Toma

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