Goodbye Switzerland


_ Goodbye Switzerland _

So it’s another goodbye added to my list,..
Now it’s time for beautiful Milan, our Italian days are about to begin!
Or actually they already did, as you guys should know we already arrived in Milan last Sunday. Everything with the move went well and we are already settled down enough in our apartment to get back to work! There will be a few changes to accept with the move but that’s the price you always have to pay IF you follow your heart and goals in life.
You will always have to sacrifice one thing or another!
I had a good stay in Switzerland, 2 years and 7 months to be exact.
Everyone that has visit Switzerland knows about the Swiss standards and not to forget about the Swiss quality. I am not saying Italians do things less good, just that you might need to be more patient about time and how things actually will work out.
But who doesn’t love Italy & Milan?!
Nice weather, good food, friendly people, lovely architecture and fashion to mention a few! Italian days we are ready for you ❤

Love Simon Nygard

jacket: harrington
hoodie: h&m
jeans: msgm
shoes: gucci
sunglasses: gucci
jewelry: simonn

photography: Ilenia Toma

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