refuel me


_ReFuel me_

How do you guys start your day?!
I always start my day with a bottle of water to wake up my body,
and shortly after my morning coffee along with my breakfast!
I am sure this is a very common sentence you hear:
I can’t wake up without my morning coffee!!
So yes you guessed right I am one of those people saying that as well.
Coffee just put your day into motion,
and you feel ready to tackle the day and all the tasks you have in front of you!

Lately I have been trying out some new brands to discover and learn the differences of aroma, flavour, dark, light, roast etc.

In this blogpost I am trying out the new coffee capsules in aluminium  from  Jacobs,
a well known brand from Switzerland.
There are four different sorts, 06, 08, 10 and 12,. which one are you?
I am for sure a 10 or 12 in the morning and a 06 or 08 during the day.
I really love the flavour of the Jacobs coffee, full and intense!
Make sure you try them out as well ❤

photography: Ilenia Toma

long sleeve: dries van noten
jogging: lolafred
jewelry: simonn

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