Saint Laurent


_ saint laurent _

The perfect sunglasses.
Whom of you are constantly looking for The perfect sunglasses?!
I have created a real thirst for sunglasses, I think the last year I bought myself 10 new pairs,.. But still I didn’t find my perfect pilot, aviator or what you wanna call them.
And then, I found these from Saint Laurent, the model is called classic 11 zero.
The lens is flat which gives them this special look!
Very happy I found these finally ❤

This shooting we di during our stay in Locarno during the film festival there.
We were invited to spend one night there, with an outdoor screening for a french movie called: demain et tous les autres jours. A very emotional french movie!
Thank you MAC cosmetics for inviting us to enjoy these two beautiful days in Locarno.

Wish you all a lovely weekend!
Love Simon Nygard

jacket: zara
tee: each x other
shorts: dr. denim
boots: kentucky’s western
sunglasses: saint laurent
jewelry & clip: simonn

photography: Ilenia Toma

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