24h in Paris


24h in Paris.

Spending time in Paris is always a good idea.
As many of you know I lived in Paris from 2010 – 2015, but the last two years I’ve been traveling out from Switzerland. Paris has always been my favorite city, no matter that we always had a love and hate relationship. There are so many things I love about Paris but there are also many things I dislike about Paris. In my opinion these things are something you will see and experience after living in Paris or spending longer periods there. So if you’re just a tourist in Paris, keep on loving it! ❤
But in the end of the day which city or country doesn’t have their positive and negative parts, it’s just something we have to accept and try to live with.
As conclusion after so many years in Paris I have to say it’s the city which makes me feel most at home.
This time we had the chance to be in Paris with Zadig & Voltaire, to experience their new perfumes, #justrock ! I hope you followed my instastories and saw the amazing location, a hotel with each room transformed into different experiences. What an amazing event!

Have a look at the perfume here:

This look I shot in Paris for you!
Wish you all a wonderful Sunday,
Love Simon Nygard

top: zara
trousers: acne studios
boots: kentucky’s western
sunglasses: saint laurent
jewelry: simonn

photography: Ilenia Toma

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