Esprit together


What’s better then sharing your passion with someone you love?!
Blessed to have this with you Ilenia ❤ great minds think alike “esprit”.

As you know at the moment we are preparing our move to Milan, in 2 months we will be calling Milan our home, how exciting is that! Many of you know I have been living here and there the last 7 years, Paris, Berlin, Nyc, Tokyo, London, Helsinki,.. to mention a few. Well as a model you do move around a lot. I did live in Milan but not for longer then one month at a time, so it will be exciting for me as well to experience the true “Milan life”.
Very exciting about this new chapter in our life, stay tuned for many amazing things to come!

Wish you all a happy and relaxing Sunday,
Love Simon Nygard

total look Simon: esprit
total look Ilenia: esprit 

edit: Ilenia Toma
photography: Johanna Buehler

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