Punkify Gucci


Last week we had a relaxing 3 days stay in Como, at the C hotel & spa.
Treatments, spa, personal trainer, good food and a relaxing environment made our stay very memorable! Would love to go back there to recharge anytime soon again!
The architecture behind this place is Andrea Colzani, and what an amazing work he did.

This look is not shot at the hotel area though,. I wanted to find something more “trashy” for this look. So we had a walk around to find something more suitable,
which we were lucky to find.
These diy leggings I am wearing in this look, are actually a pieces I was wearing during my first fashion week in Paris during the summer 2010, just a few weeks after moving to Paris. Those who follows me since a long time knows my street style picture, all black, wearing these leggings at the Dior fashion show. As these pictures have been reposted and published in many magazines and online ❤

Wish you all a lovely day!

Love Simon Nygard

shirt: h&m
tanktop: ovs
shorts: vintage
leggings: diy
shoes: gucci
sunglasses: acne studios

photography: Ilenia Toma

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