Pedigree by LaLa

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Pedigree by LaLa

As many of you know we have a small poodle named LaLa.
This shooting is the first but for sure not the last one for her!
Just look at her! And what a great job she did, a real Model ❤

Everybody who has a dog or did grew up with one,
should know how important a dogs teeth are to them and their health!
This is a big problem because 4 of 5 dogs are suffering from bad teeth.
So how should you maintain a good health for their teeth?
For LaLa we have been giving her bones to bite on and these dentastix from Pedigree as seen in these photos! An amazing fact is that by giving your dog a daily portion of them, will reduce the risk of calculus with 80%, how amazing is that!

I mean if you think about it, we humans brush our teeth on a daily basis, but when it comes to our dogs many of us forget about their teeth, teeth as teeth we all need to clean them and take care of them! If we don’t do that it can lead to a bad inflammation or an even worse sickness,. So please take care of your dog teeth as it were your own!

There are 3 different sizes of the Pedigree dentastix:
< 10kg
25kg <

I have a very good news for everybody living in Switzerland!
During the period of time 26.6 – 2.7 you can get all the Pedigree dentastix with a discount of 50% at all the COOP stores around in Switzerland!

Wish you all a lovely time with your furry friends ❤

photography: Simon Nygard
editing: Ilenia Toma
model: Lala

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