More of Italy


Since I am together with Ilenia I had the chance to spend more time in Italy and to discover new places where I haven’t been before!
Ilenia is half French & half Italian, so they got their family in Italy.
Last summer I had the chance to go there, my first time in the south of Italy, Lecce.
Now with the blogging we recently had the chance to go to Sicily as you probably know from my Instagram and previous blogposts.
And I have to say the more time I spend in Italy the more I enjoy it! People are friendly, understanding, service is good, food is good, well dressed people and fashion is all around you, especially in Milan! Funny fact is that the first time I went to Italy and Milan I absolutely hated it,. might be the model life in Italy I weren’t that happy about, anyhow the taste of Milan and Italy was a bit bitter to me.
BUT something is changing, since I am spending time in Milan outside the modelling I am really finding it to be a great City!
As well the last years Milan have become a more modern city on all levels, people are very educated and street smart I would call it. If you have a special diet or something similar people are happy to help you, the same you can’t say about the French people…
So why I am talking so much about Milan and Italy?!
This Fall me and Ilenia are moving to Milan!!
More about that soon ❤
Wish you a lovely weekend!

Love Simon Nygard

top: boris bidjan saberi
jeans: h&m
boots: sendra
sunglasses: acne studios
jewelry: simonn

photography: Ilenia Toma

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