My “Man box” by zalando


My “Man box”

Did you already hear about Zalando and their Man box?!
If you didn’t I will now tell you more about it.

So what’s the Man box?
It’s a style decision for men, basically you’re putting together your favorite pieces into 1 entire look. No matter what your style is and no matter what your favorite pieces are, it’s you and it’s your Man box!

This way of shopping isn’t new to me, but I am very sure there are many guys out there that haven’t thought about shopping in this way. The focus is to do shopping with looks and not only pieces you might end up having a hard time to combine. I love this concept because it will automatically make you look better in a much easier way.

I am not saying you can’t mix and  match pieces from your different looks into a new look. The point is, if you start to think about clothing and dressing yourself in looks instead of just separate pieces of clothing, you will more easily create your looks.
These looks will always represent who you are, and you can feel comfortable in your clothes everyday!

So how do you start?
The first and most important thing is to reflect what is your style, which are your favorite pieces to wear and what kind of impression would you like to give to the people around you? Understand your style and the pieces you wear the most.

For me recently I love to wear boots, denim, leather jacket, stripes to name a few.
So this is what I had in mind when I created my man box.
“A modern city cowboy”. 

I had a look over some of my favorite brands at zalando:
Sandro Paris, Rag & bone, Topman, Kentucky’s Western, Wood Wood, Won 100, Whyred, Tiger of Sweden, Vans, Samsoe Samsoe and more,..
The wide range of brands and styles at Zalando makes it so easy to put together an look, no matter what your style is, can promise you that!

I really suggest this way of thinking when it comes to shopping, I hope you learned something new and please use this way of thinking for the future, you will see that like this you will actually wear all the pieces you’re buying! ❤

Have fun shopping! And have a look about the Man box here:
@zalando #zalandostyle

jacket: sandro paris
tee: topman
jeans: rag & bone
boots: kentucky’s western
sunglasses: ray ban

photography: Ilenia Toma

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