Jo Malone London


photography: Johanna Buehler
product photography: Simon Nygard

Fragrance combining.
Did anyone of you already try to combine different smells to create your very own personal one?
To be honest I haven’t used this method too many times, because I have already found a few perfumes I’m really happy with. Ilenia on the other hand have been doing this on a daily basis since I know her! Which makes her “
fragrance” very special & unique.

When Jo Malone London first contacted us considering this collaboration we were very happy and excited about it! For me it was a new experience to really see and experience how everything can change into a new smell from combining them, some components will stay and some will fade away. A very interesting way to create something unique just for you! If you never had this experience before, you really have to go to a Jo Malone counter and ask about fragrance combining!

In the end we found 4 perfumes that we can mix and match, maybe we won’t combine them in the same way, but it’s funny that we had the same taste when choosing them!

–  Earl grey & cucumber
Wood sage & se salt
Oud & Bergamotte
Incense & Cedrat

In collaboration with Jo Malone London

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