Diesel black Gold


If you’ve been following me on Instagram you know that we went to Milan for the fashion week!
I am very familiar with the fashion week life because of my modelling career and also because I was based
in Paris for 5 years. It’s a very busy time when you should get the most of your work done and presented!
This time we were invited by Diesel Black Gold, to attend their show and as well we had the opportunity to do a shoot
with one of their looks! Amazing collection!
Everybody who is familiar with Diesel Black Gold know it’s all about leather, denim and rock n roll!
THIS time, that wasn’t the case. A very romantic but still edgy pieces were to be seen on the catwalk.
At first I was a bit chocked, but once I started to focus on the pieces, I Loved it!
I am a big fan of leather and denim, but I have to say that this collection, even if you don’t wear the full look,
every single piece will blend into your leather and denim looks perfectly!
WELL DONE, we loved it ❤


one piece: diesel black gold
boots: everydayhero
jewelry: simonn
sunglasses: dior


dress: diesel black gold
shirt: diesel black gold
boots: diesel black gold
sunglasses: celine

photography: Marina Traenkel

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